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What are your washing instructions?

Machine wash warm and tumble dry low. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed.


Does the underwear have a crotch lined with cotton?

There Is not lining on the crotch. It Is the same material as the rest of the garment.


When measuring an infant whose belly is larger than her chest, should I go by the circumference of the largest part of her belly or at the nipple line?

We would still recommend measuring the chest circumference and using the size that corresponds with that measurement. The shirts are made from stretchy material and should still fit. Also, they are meant to fit snuggly. However, if you find that the shirt size that you choose does not fit properly, please exchange it for a bigger size.

Does Compresso-T work for developing girls? Do you measure the same way? Does the chest end up tight and the rest of the tank loose?

Compresso-T will work for developing girls, as well as other children. You do measure the same way, as you will want it to fit properly in the chest area. Because the shirt is made of very stretchy yarns, it should fit snuggly throughout the whole torso. One thing to note is that children may need to be remeasured and size up as they grow. This is true for all growing children.

Does Compresso-T really calm your child?

Not every solution is perfect for every child. However, our Compresso-T is able to help many children to focus.

Can you wear Compresso-T in the summer?

Yes, you can wear it in the summer. The Compresso-T is made with high-tech anti-microbial fibers designed to wick away moisture.

Can Compresso-T be worn in a swimming pool?

No, we would not recommend wearing this into a swimming pool. The Compresso-T is made of Polyester/Lycra material and is not water resistant.

How long can the Compresso-T be worn? Can it be all day or is that not recommended?

All day is no problem! Many parents and teachers find that the Compresso-T helps students to focus throughout the school day.

Can my child sleep in the shirt?

We recommend reviewing this with your child’s occupational therapist.


What is the difference between sensitivity socks and the AFO socks?

AFO and KAFO socks are made to specific lengths and widths in order to properly cover the leg through the length of the brace.

What is the style of these socks listed? Crew, ankle, or knee high?

These socks do not have a heel. Therefore, they can be worn as ankle, crew, or knee high socks. For a longer sock, choose a larger size in relation to the child’s shoe size. Please see detailed sizing information here.

What is the fiber content of SmartKnitKIDS socks?

SmartKnitKIDS socks are a polyester/Lycra blend.

Do these socks have strings on the insides? I have a child with a disability and the strings get caught on her toe nails.

These socks are knit from the toe up cocoon-style, therefore, there are no extra strings on the inside.

What Is the compression level of the diabetic socks?

SmartKnit Diabetic socks fit snugly against the skin, but do not contain any actual compression.

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