Ease Adjust by Therafirm Inelastic Compression Wrap

Ease Opaque


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The Ease Adjust Wrap for venous and lymphatic disease is a high quality alternative to traditional compression socks for your patients with a limited range of motion, low grip strength, or have difficulty donning or doffing compression socks. 

The Ease Adjust Wrap Features:

  • One piece design that conforms to calf and reduces the potential for "hot spots caused by multiple layers of fabric
  • Seamless straps to reduce pressure points
  • Option for day or night use
  • An inner sleeve that supports the wrap while donning and adjusting straps, providing easy application
  • Reduced pressure points and seamless straps for a contour fit 
  • Comfortable fit and sleek design that makes it more discreet 
  • Molded hooks that are soft to the touch yet strong and slip-proof
  • 30-50 mmHg medical compression ankle to knee
  • Availability in six sizes and two lengths 
  • A pair of 10-15mmHg Core-Spun by Therafirm® liner socks is included to add more comfort to feet and legs

CONTRAINDICATIONS:Compressionproducts should not be worn and arecontraindicated if you have any of thefollowing conditions: arterial insufficiencyor degeneration, acute DVT (deep veinthrombosis), untreated congestive heartfailure, untreated cancer, untreatedinfection, absent or severely impairedsensation, allergy to materials, severeor moderate peripheral arterial disease,severe cognitive impairment.