Ways Parents Can Help Autistic Children

Posted by Shannon on Apr 11th 2023

APR 12, 2023

Ways Parents Can Help Autistic Children

As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, it’s important to know how best to help them thrive. From early intervention therapies to structured routines, here are ways parents can help children with autism.

Ways Parents Can Help Autistic Children

If there’s one thing all parents know, it’s that parenting is equal parts rewarding and challenging. Parents of autistic children are no different. The challenges and methods may be different, but the goal is the samehappy, healthy, well-adjusted kids. Learning that your child is autistic might feel overwhelming, there are many things that parents can do to help their autistic children thrive. Here are a few important things that parents can do to help their autistic kids navigate their world.

Learn About the Autism Spectrum

It’s important to learn everything you can about the autism spectrum. Explore material from various sources to give you a well-rounded perspective on any topics. This will help you to formulate questions for your child’s therapists and to become well informed and an active participant in determining the best autism therapies and treatments for your child. Scientists and doctors are always learning more about autism, so continue reading and learning as you and your child navigate through your journey with autism.

Be an Expert on Your Child

Autism looks different for each autistic child. Pay close attention to your child’s unique behaviors or challenges. Learn what triggers challenging behaviors and what things generate positive behaviors. Learn what things help to make your child feel calmer and happier. Knowing and understanding your child’s unique patterns will help you to create a positive environment for your child, especially in school or other public places.

Be Your Child’s Best Advocate

It’s okay to advocate for your child. Sometimes you have to work hard to be heard, or to get the necessary resources. You know your child best. You know if he or she is lacking something that would help them ease some of their struggles. Be persistent.

Create a Comfortable Safe Space

Create a space in your home where your child can feel safe from the triggers of the outside world. Fill the space with things that help your child to feel calmer and more in control. Help them to know that this is a place that they can go when feeling overwhelmed. Deep pressure compression shirts like SmartKnitKIDS Compresso-T are great tools to help regulate your child’s sensory system. Some children benefit from wearing Compresso-T every day, but if your child doesn’t, keep a shirt close at hand in the same space that they can slip on.

Provide Structure

As you learn more about autism itself and how it manifests in your child, develop a sense of structure in your family’s life. Most autistic children do best when they hold to a very structured schedule. Set up a schedule that works with your family’s and your child’s needs and stick to it as best as you can. When you do have to deviate from your routine, prepare your child in advance of the schedule change.

Believe in Your Own Abilities

It’s easy to get discouraged when your child or your family is going through challenges, but don’t allow your discouragement to get the better of you. We don’t always hear that we’re doing a good job, so tell yourself and your parenting partner from time to time. Remind yourself that you can face the challenges of autism, and you can do what is needed to help your child thrive.

Join an Autism Community

An autism community can be a great resource for a family with an autistic child. The community can be in person or online. Find a community that you feel comfortable with and develop relationships with other people that also have autistic children. No one else will understand your challenges like another parent. Once you feel comfortable in your autism community, the other families can become a good support, a resource for ideas, and an opportunity for socialization for your child.
Navigating the world of autism can be a challenge. Learning, advocating, and providing structure for your child will help to improve their world and yours.



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