When To Wear Compression

Posted by Shannon on May 10th 2022

JUN 8, 2022

When to Wear Compression

While compression garments are easy to put on, you do need to know when to wear them to get the most relief from your symptoms and avoid potential issues that could occur from overuse.

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Compression socks and stockings are effective at easing the uncomfortable leg swelling that accompanies many different types of health conditions. Venous disorders, medication side effects, and pregnancy are just a few changes in your health that could lead to a need to prevent swollen feet and legs. While compression garments are easy to put on, you do need to know when to wear them to get the most relief from your symptoms and avoid potential issues that could occur from overuse.

Put Stockings on First Thing in the Morning

The ideal time to put on your compression garments is right after you get out of bed. Putting them on right when you wake up helps to prevent swelling that tends to get worse during the day. If you do forget to put on your compression garments first thing in the morning, then you should put them on as soon as you remember. Keep in mind that you may need to use other strategies to reduce swelling in your legs before you put compression socks on in the middle of the day. For instance, elevating your legs can help to make putting on your garments more comfortable.

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Remove Compression Wear at Night

Although compression socks help to improve blood flow through your legs, you do want to make sure that you take them off at bedtime. This helps to prevent the possibility of constricting blood flow as you sleep. Since laying down temporarily reduces the effects of gravity on your circulatory system, you should not notice too much swelling in your legs after you take off the stockings. If you do notice swelling in your legs overnight, then you can try propping your feet up with a pillow to slightly elevate them and increase blood flow.

Know When to Wear Compression Socks for Other Purposes

For some people, it is not necessary to wear compression socks every day. This might be true for you if you only notice leg swelling after situations that require you to sit or stand for long periods of time. For instance, putting on your socks before a long flight helps to reduce swelling that occurs while traveling. Women who are pregnant may also choose to put their stockings on when they anticipate having to sit for long periods at work or school. Athletes also find that wearing their socks during a workout helps to reduce leg fatigue and boost circulation. The warmth provided by compression stockings is desirable for anyone who experiences slower circulation in their legs during cold weather.

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After giving compression socks a try, you will want to wear them every day to increase blood flow to your legs that helps to alleviate swelling. Make putting them on each morning part of your normal daily routine, and experiment with different colors and styles until you find the ones that make you feel excited about the new addition to your wardrobe.


CONTRAINDICATIONS: Compression products should not be worn and are contraindicated if you have any of the following conditions: Severe arterial insufficiency, cutaneous infections, acute dermatitis, wet dermatosis, uncontrolled congestive heart failure, skin irritations, allergies to dyes.

This is only general information and is not meant for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Always consult your physician or other health care provider about all health concerns, conditions, and recommended treatments.

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