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Light Support Trouser Socks - Diamond

Item#: GO-DTS1



GOGO by Therafirm Light Support Trouser Socks are the perfect accessory for your legs. Energize tired and achy legs with true gradient compression and do so with socks made from beautiful, comfortable yarns.



GOGO by Therafirm Diamond Trouser Socks keep legs energized with light gradient compression. Gradient compression improves circulation by gradually decreasing the amount of pressure from the ankle up. The increased circulation is great for women who sit or stand during the day. Light compression keeps feet from feeling tired and achy on long trips as well. Feel the difference in healthy, beautiful GOGO.

GOGO Light Support Trouser Socks Features:

  • Lab tested gradient compression that is greatest at the ankle, and decreases up the leg
  • High-tech fibers wick away moisture
  • Fashionable and modern everyday colors and patterns
  • Soft, knit-in comfort band
  • Knitted with luxurious and soft fibers
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Elegant ribbed pattern
  • Nylon, Lycra
  • Breathable Latex-Free fibers
  • 100% USA made

GOGO Light Support Trouser Socks Benefits:

  • Gradient compression encourages blood flow and circulation, which prevents swelling and energizes legs
  • Compression may also prevent pain and injury, promote healing, and aid in pain relief and fitness recovery
  • Ultra-stretchy yarns make these socks easier to put on
  • Comfort band stays up and in place all day without being restricting or uncomfortable
  • Moisture wicking properties provide a cooler, drier and more hygienic garment and prevent odors
  • Reinforced heel and toe area is durable and holds up to everyday wear and tear
  • Gentle compression squeeze helps to support muscles and tendons
  • Healthy compression benefits that don’t sacrifice fashion with beautiful everyday colors

What GOGO Light Support Trouser Socks are best used for:

  • Improve circulation
  • Help prevent swelling
  • Energize legs and feet
  • Recovery from muscle fatigue
  • Occupational stockings for teachers, nurses, hair stylists, flight attendants, security guards, construction workers, or anyone who sits or stands for long periods of time

The perfect everyday compression, GOGO Light Support Trouser Socks are the compression socks you’ll want to wear!

** Contraindications: Compression products should not be worn and are contraindicated if you have any of the following conditions: severe arterial insufficiency, cutaneous infections, acute dermatitis, wet dermatosis, uncontrolled congestive heart failure, skin irritations, allergies to dyes.





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